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Gesù si circondava di bambini e anche a loro annunciava l'amore di Dio

Cathopedia's style may be called pastoral: entries are written in a plain, simple language accessible to all. Rather than addressing the scholar, they are written from a layman's point of view, one that does not assume previous knowledge of Theology, after the example of Jesus, who surrounded himself with ordinary people and spoke much like them.

Cathopedia's Pastoral Style expresses the conviction that Faith is a God's Gift to all of us, and that everybody should be able to look further into IT.

How we try to stick to Pastoral Style:

  • The introduction of every entry (incipit) summarizes content that is going to be developed in a plain language while sticking to the point.
  • Excerpts in other languages are followed by a translation.
  • Notes explain the meaning of technical terms, symbols or other information that may not be within the grasp of the ordinary reader.
  • When needed, a side template will make space for further development on a given subject to allow for easier reading.

However, after first aboarding a subject in a layman's style, every entry delves into its subject-matter in a way as may interest the more informed or motivated reader.

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