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Cathopedia is authoritative. Its entries growth model favors quality over the quantity.

In practice, it is authoritative in at least two respects:

  • Contributors' hierarchy
  • Systematic source referencing

Contributors' Hierarchy


Cathopedia gives more credit to those who hold degreees or diplomas in Divinity, from biblical to philosophical, from Theological to Moral Theology, from Liturgical to Church History studies etc.

In practice, contributions should follow a few basic rules:

  • Entries concerning subjects considered sensitive to doctrine orthodoxy are made by qualified contributors;
  • contents inserted by contrinutors with the appropriate qualifications prevail over those from contributors with less or no qualifications[1]

Source Referencing

Cathopedia is not a primary but secondary source, therefore it points to the sources from which information comes, whether by way of a footnote or blibliography.


  1. However, an entry can be edited by any contributor as long as he or she acts on form and not content.

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