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Template:Autore, Icona della Trinità, 1425

Cathopedia takes pride in the visual layout of its entries. We would like to think that an entry that looks good is much more fun to read than one where axclusive attention is given to content.

Cathopedia's visual layout concept consists in:

  • Attention to image quality
  • Attention to text graphics

Using Images

There is at least one image for each entry of Cathopedia. The image is supposed to summarize an entry's importance and content.

Preference is given to images depicting artwork, since the Mystery of God and all things sacred are possessed with an inner beauty that should translate in Cathopedia's work.

Textual layout

Textual layout is also a Cathopedia staple:

  • Paragraphs should be short to facilitate reading
  • Specific and well-defined topics are given further attention in side templates;
  • Article sections facilitate reading and navigation in the page;
  • Bullet lists point to a detailed analysis of subject-matter.

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